About Us

Jean K Reilly MW - Founder & Advisor

Chris Alatriste - Course Educator & Exams Officer

Lee got his start in the wine industry in 2011 as a stock clerk at his uncle's, locally owned, wine market in Orlando​, FL. At the time he was still attending UCF for business management and entrepreneurship while trying to figure out what he wanted to do after university. As time passed, Lee was bitten hard by the "wine bug" and developed an insatiable thirst for wine knowledge. Through books provided to him by his uncle, Lee developed an impressive base knowledge on the subject.

In 2017 Lee began his journey through the WSET after meeting local Master of Wine, Jean Reilly. He quickly rose through the ranks under her guidance and later that year began teaching under Jean, fulfilling his dream of educating others on the subject he had become so passionate about. Four years later, after honing his skills in front of a classroom, Lee became the Education Director and Owner of Slate Wine & Spirits Academy.

Lee divides his time between working with his uncle in their family owned wine market and teaching WSET courses through Slate Wine & Spirits Academy. When he's not teaching, Lee produces music and spends time traveling the globe with his beautiful wife Madison.

J.P. grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and Washington, DC, eventually falling in love with wine while living with his parents in Naples, Italy. He has successfully attained the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 3 Award in Wines and is a Certified Sherry Wine Specialist. J.P. is deeply passionate about natural and biodynamic wines and loves introducing people to these traditional viticulture methods. When he’s not studying or working with wine, he enjoys exploring historic sites, punk rock, and the works of Ernest Hemingway.

Jean K Reilly MW started her career in wine as the sommelier for a small French restaurant in Manhattan in 2001. She moved on to work as a wine journalist, eventually visiting over 1000 wineries in 60 wine regions and working the harvest in 3 different countries. Jean has shared her passion for wine on television and radio and with readers of magazines such as Fortune, Wine Enthusiast and American Airlines' Latitudes.

She has also run the purchasing departments for such prestigious retailers as Morrell & Company in New York and JJ Buckley in California. In 2010, After 7 years of study, Jean became just the 5th American woman to become a Master of Wine.

Currently, Jean divides her time between educating wine professionals and consumers through Slate Wine & Spirits Academy and hosting wine, beer and spirit events for business groups through her company Masterful Wine Events. When not in front of a crowd talking about wine, Jean can be found jumping out of airplanes. 

Lee A Pancake, CSWS Owner & Director of Education

JP Donnelly-Davis - Course Educator & Exams Officer

​Living in a hospitality hub for the majority of his life, Chris has been able to cultivate an inside and outside perspective on this ever-growing industry. He has worked closely within the food and beverage industry for over 10 years; originally working at smaller fast food chains before progressing quickly into various fine dining and as well as other luxurious establishments. His path and passion has led him specifically to wine, which provides him with the unique ability to personally help create unforgettable moments for others while educating them all at the same time. In addition to roles as a a Course Educator and Exams Officer for Slate Wine & Spirits Academy he also works as the Clubs Manager and as a Wine Retail Specialist at Tim's Wine Market in Orlando. When Chris is not working, he enjoys cooking, being outdoors and spending time with his family.

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